I hate people who act like they know their bestfriends better than anyone,when their bestfriend likes someone and the girl dosen’t really talk to him the person’s bestfriend keeps giving you a look like “Bitch y u stealin my man” so what should you do? Ignore it or Quarrel with the person?


Your friends tell you that he like s you but you don’t believe them so you question him yourself and you tell him you like him back but he’s still with his gf, he wants to leave her but can’t.One of your best friends say go for it but you say no im going to wait is that wise?

Boy Bestfriends

When you have a boy bestie and you like him and you like him back what should you do. Most of friends say that you look cute together but you don’t see it, your bestie has a gf but you left your bf is there a chance?